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Skills Enhancement for resident care aide

Program Description

Students will be provided with additional knowledge and skills, increasingly requested by employers, in the areas of foot care, diabetes care and administration of medications. These
 courses have been included in the Pacific Coast Community College basic Health Care Assistant certificate program since November 2005.


This program builds on the foundational knowledge, skills and attitudes developed in Health Care Assistant, resident care aide programs. Students will increase their awareness of changes in hearth status; relevant assessments, treatments and interventions; and increase their comfort in working with equipment commonly used in these three areas of practice.

This program helps prepare learners to complete selected portions of their employers' delegated tasks certification process.


Program Content:


Care of the Client with Diabetes

  • Physical, psychological and social changes that occur with the development, diagnosis, and treatment of diabetes
  • Risk factors, diagnostic tests, symptoms, treatment (diet, exercise, medication, electronic blood glucose monitoring), complications, and emotional aspects of coping with a chronic illness

Foot Care

  • Foot care and nail trimming, with the emphasis on safe and appropriate procedures for both the client and the Health Care Assistant.
  • Careful assessment of normal and abnormal anatomy of the foot and use of equipment for nail care is demonstrated and practiced, including procedures designed to control the spread of infection

Safe Medication Delivery and Administration

  • Decision making regarding types and effects of medications, drug information resources, at-risk and emergency situations, patient assessments, administration of medications (except s/c. IM, and IV), storage of medications, documentation, reporting, legal and regulatory requirements.
  • HCA responsibilities in medication assisting and administration, with emphasis on maximizing safe and appropriate procedures for both the client and the HCA.

Program Length

  • 32 hours over a total of 4 non-sequential days. Offered on a part-time basis.
  • Program must be completed within 6 months of start date.


Proof of graduation from an approved Health Care Assistant, HCA/RCA/Community Health Care Worker Program.


English Requirements:

English Requirements: Must be sufficiently fluent in spoken English to understand classroom teaching and engage in clinical conversations; demonstrate ability to comprehend written text and classroom materials to a satisfactory level, and prepare written assignments.  Students must have at least Grade 10 English demonstrated through a high school diploma/ GED/ copy of transcript or one of the following equivalencies: placement in the middle intermediate level of a recognized English as a Second Language School  that is registered with PCTIA or equivalent and recognized  English exam assessment (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, etc.). If student does not have any of the above we will administer an SLE exam to determine English language eligibility and students must score at least 26 to be considered sufficiently fluent.


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