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ABOUT Pacific Coast


Pacific Coast specializes in delivering health sciences curriculum to domestic and internationa students leading to a JOB and CAREER in the high growth health care sector by integrating labs and clinical practicums directly into the training program followed by a PAID monitored CO-OP work experience specific to the students field of study. Programs include Acute Care Aide co-op work experience Diploma (64 weeks,15 months, 6-months CO-OP), Health Care Assistant (HCA/RCA) Certificate (31 weeks), Acute Care Skills for resident care aides Certificate.


At Pacific Coast Community College we train the Care aides and community health workers that are the front-line care providers in a variety of institutional and community settings, including both home support agencies and residential care facilities. They are an integral part of our health care system. Health Care Assistants help health care professionals to care for patients. They may work in a hospital environment alongside doctors and nurses or in the home of a patient.

Health Care Assistants are responsible for assisting qualified health care professionals in caring for patients, who may be being treated in hospital or at home. The job can be extremely varied, since the health care professionals who require the services of a Health Care Assistant range from nurses to doctors, and from radiologists to midwives. The job of a Health Care Assistant overlaps with that of a nurse. However, Health Care Assistants are not allowed to administer medication or perform complex nursing procedures.  They are responsible for performing health/medical support tasks. They also take regular observations and ensure that patients are constantly kept as comfortable as possible. Health Care Assistants are also able to help out during emergency situations, for instance during emergency resuscitation's. If a patient dies, Health Care Assistants are responsible for washing and preparing the body prior to the visit of relatives and transportation to the morgue.

While Health Care Assistants are responsible for recording the observations of patients throughout the day, they do not usually have much paperwork to do. Paperwork is usually the responsibility of the nurse. For this reason, Health Care Assistants will have relatively more contact with patients and the relatives of patients.


WHY Pacific Coast?

Health Care is ALL we do.  The curriculum design, delivery and outcomes is the core focus of our entire staff from Instructors to Administrators to Senior Management meaning our students obtain a job/career in their chosen field.


All of our instructors are Registered Nurses currently working in the industry with years of practical and teaching experience that are passionate about their profession and have a sincere desire to share their knowledge.


Pacific Coast Community College is known for enhanced curriculum that goes beyond Health Authority minimum standards and content and for its unique program designs and composition.  This is one reason why Pacific Coast Community College is able to maintain such a healthy relationship with its extended care facility partners operating under the Provincial Health Authorities.


Excellent Location - We are conveniently located in the medical district of Downtown Vancouver within 10 min walking from major transportation hubs.

Flexible Start Dates! - You can begin your study on multiple dates throughout the year. See the current class schedule for details.


Unique programing with paid industry co-op! - Pacific Coast Community College is the first institute to be approved by our provincial regulator (PCTIA) to deliver an Acute Care Aide diploma program.


The Acute Care Aide (ACA) Co-Op Work Experience diploma was designed for all students including International Students, Landed Immigrants, In-Home and Live-In Care Givers, and Foreign Credentialed LPN/RN’s, who do not have the Canadian training and validated 600 hours of BC Industry Work experience which is:


A. Required to achieve the Acute Care Aide designation and preceptor in a Public                    Hospital Acute Care Ward environment


B. Required to get a job in Canada matching their skill level and experience


Monitored Co-Op Placement:

A dedicated Pacific Coast placement manager and proctor are assigned to you for the duration of your program means your Co-Op work experience can be 100% validated.

  • You are not left on your own to find a Co-Op
  • We ensure you are placed in a BC Health authority approved facility
  • Your proctor monitors and documents your performance with your supervisor throughout your Co-Op

Approved BC Health Authority Co-Op Placement:

All of the facilities where we place co-op students to complete their work experience module have an Educational Affiliation Agreement with Pacific Coast Community College which is filed with the BC Career College regulator PCTIA.


This means you can be 100% assured that your co-op experience will be recognized by the Provincial Health Authorities of BC.


If you are a person seeking quality training leading to a rewarding career in the health care industry with stable employment at a good wage, Pacific Coast Community College is where you want to study.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am working full-time in a facility as an HCA. Do I have to complete the co-op to get into the Acute Care Skills program and clinical?

A. If you have worked a minimum of 600 hours at a recognized facility and you are a registered BC Health Care Worker then you can go directly into the Acute Care Skills module, No co-op required.

Q. I am not from Canada but have nursing experience and certification in my home country; do I have to complete the co-op?

A. YES. A minimum of 600 hours at a recognized facility in BC and registration as a BC Health Care Worker is the minimum prerequisite for the Acute Care Skills module.

Q. I am an international student.  Can I participate in a co-op in health care?

A. YES. As long as we verify you have completed all Health Authority mandated exams and tests and vaccinations prior to your participating in any practical situation in a care facility you can participate in the program.

Q. Are the practicum hours paid?

A. YES and No. There are both paid and un-paid hours in the practical experience components of the program.

Q. Does an ACA diploma guarantee me work in a public hospital as an Acute Care Aide?

A. No. There is no way to guarantee this. We can guarantee that without the ACS certification you will never work in that environment as an Acute Care Aide in BC.

Q. What other school offers an Acute Care Aide diploma with a registered Co-Op in BC?

A. None. Only Pacific Coast Community College




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