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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am working full-time in a facility as an HCA. Do I have to complete the co-op to get into the Acute Care Skills program and clinical?

A. If you have worked a minimum of 600 hours at a recognized facility and you are a registered BC Health Care Worker then you can go directly into the Acute Care Skills module, No co-op required.

Q. I am not from Canada but have nursing experience and certification in my home country; do I have to complete the co-op?

A. YES. A minimum of 600 hours at a recognized facility in BC and registration as a BC Health Care Worker is the minimum prerequisite for the Acute Care Skills module.

Q. I am an international student.  Can I participate in a co-op in health care?

A. YES. As long as we verify you have completed all Health Authority mandated exams and tests and vaccinations prior to your participating in any practical situation in a care facility you can participate in the program.

Q. Are the practicum hours paid?

A. YES and No. There are both paid and un-paid hours in the practical experience components of the program.

Q. Does an ACA diploma guarantee me work in a public hospital as an Acute Care Aide?

A. No. There is no way to guarantee this. We can guarantee that without the ACS certification you will never work in that environment as an Acute Care Aide in BC.

Q. What other school offers an Acute Care Aide diploma with a registered Co-Op in BC?

A. None. Only Pacific Coast Community College


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