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The BabyBoomer Silver Tsunami

We will be setting up a proper blog and News feed soon but here are some recent numbers on the Job Market for Health Care support and some logic as to why there continues to be such demand for Health Care Assistans and Acute Care Aides.  It's all about demographics and the fact is the world is getting older.  This is nothing new and we could fill pages and pages with references and reports; but let's stick to the latest from our own provincial labour market forecasters.  The actual numbers change all the time based on different variables but one thing remains the same - We are getting older and We need support staff in a big way to take care of the greatest demographic bubble of all time, The BabyBoomers, The Silver Tsunami!


WorkBC Forecasts -

Average salary                                                       $33,000-$44,000

Unemployment rate                                                2.0 % by 2020

Estimated number of job openings in 2013        2,100

Estimated demand for workers in 2013              43,200


A skills and talent deficit is imminent

The research universities council of British Columbia, BC Labour Market Profile January 2013,

“A skills and talent deficit is imminent –with a tipping point just three years away, in 2016. If BC's regions are unable to attract migrants, labour market pressures will be even more intense.”


National health care strategy needed for 'silver tsunami': CMA poll

Angela Mulholland, Published Monday, August 19, 2013
“Also, we need more intermediate care, such as assisted living or supportive housing for people who might need a little bit more care, can’t be in their home alone any longer -- to prevent them from going into long-term care. And we don’t have a lot of that in Canada,” she said.  - Jane Meadus, a lawyer with the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly


Baby Boomer Health Care Crisis Looms

Apr. 25, 2008 - Science Daily

Committee Chair John W. Rowe, MD, a professor of health policy and management at Columbia University and a former GSA president, said America must prepare itself for demographic changes.  "The combination of the aging of the Baby Boom generation and the increase in life expectancy is going to yield a doubling of the numbers of older people," he said.


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